Main Press-Release to Put up on Websites – Download HERE.
Event Press-Kit (Photos, Artwork, PR)- Download HERE.. You can also download higher res event photos HERE

Exclusive Content such as interviews we can make available on request to

Applying for a Press/Photography Pass

Do you write for a website or publication? Please apply for a press pass via this form here. Email us on if you have any questions.

1. Free Entry
2. VIP access to guests and performers on the day (subject to their availability)
3. Interview access to the organisers before and after the event
4. We want to engage and work with you! If you want to do something with us that might benefit us both then please have a chat. For example, we helped organise a massive Harlem Shake video at London Anime Con with QueensOfWin which you can view here.

1. Your website, publication or blog must have a substantial following or readership associated with it. If it doesn’t, we may still be able to provide you with a press-pass, but you would need to pay for it as if you were a standard attendee.
2. You agree to promote the event beforehand and afterward on your website and social media (ie: twitter, facebook etc, please state the dates and website link to the event in all promotion). Please download a copy of the press-kit here.
3. You agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of being a member of press at the event as laid out here.

Apply now to us at with the name of your publication/blog/website and any requests.

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