Would you like to be celebrated as one of the UK’s leading cosplayers? The UK Cosplay Championship is taking place at over a dozen events in every region of the country this year. The finals will be held at London Anime & Gaming Con in February 2019 and the winner will receive a £250 cash prize along with the UK Cosplay Championship trophy.
The UK Cosplay Championship will not adversely impact or complicate existing cosplay masquerades – rules will remain the same as our standard rules. All you have to do to qualify for the finals is to come 1st, 2nd or 3rd in ANY cosplay masquerade at our conventions (or at other registered qualifying events). If you qualify then you are not obliged to enter the finals. We want to keep this as simple, easy and non-scary for cosplayers as possible! Those that qualify, in addition to their usual prizes, will also receive a full weekend ticket to London Anime & Gaming Con so they can take part.

The UK Cosplay Championship is run by Animeleague, one of the world’s largest anime communities, run by fans for fans.

Qualifying Events

There are two ways you can qualify for the UK Cosplay Championship –

#1. By placing first, second or third in any of the masquerades that we run at the qualifying conventions (at most conventions we run a cosplay masquerade on both days). In addition to the usual prizes, you’ll be given the extra option of qualifying for the finals. Finalists will receive a free entry to London Anime & Gaming Con in addition to their normal prizes.
#2. We run free meetups and small events across easily over a dozen cities in the UK. Some of these have a cosplay contest at them – the first placed pick will also qualify for a place in the finals.


Those that qualify, in addition to their usual prizes, will also win a full weekend ticket to Bristol Anime & Gaming Con so they can take part.


Calendar of Qualifiers

10-11 February – Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con – www.cardiffanimecon.com
16-18 February – London Anime & Gaming Con – www.londonanimecon.com
7-8 April – Manchester Anime & Gaming Con – www.manchesteranimecon.com
28-29 April – Bristol Anime & Gaming Con – www.bristolanimecon.com
5-6 May – Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con – www.birminghamanimecon.com
6-8 July – London Anime & Gaming Con – www.londonanimecon.com
4-5 August – Liverpool Anime & Gaming Con – www.liverpoolanimecon.com
18-19 August – Cardiff Anime & Gaming Con – www.cardiffanimecon.com
30th August to September 2 – Alcon 2018 – www.alcon.org.uk
October 6-7 – Bristol Anime & Gaming Con – www.bristolanimecon.com
November 10-11 – Norwich Anime & Gaming Con – www.norwichanimecon.com

– Additionally a Calendar of Qualifying Minicons and Meetups is continually updated HERE (note not all will be eligible).


Previous Winners

2016: The first UK Cosplay Championship finals happened at Birmingham Anime & Gaming Con on the 2nd October 2016. We’re delighted to announce that the winner was Olivia and Ryan from Corvidae Cosplay Emporium

2017: The second UK Cosplay Championship finals happened at London Anime & Gaming Con on 16-18 February 2018. We’re delighted to announce the winner was Illuminaughty Cosplay.

Qualified Cosplayers by

Region for 2018

North England & Scotland Region Qualifiers

London and South-East Region Qualifiers

South-West Region Qualifiers

Wales Region Qualifiers

East Anglia Region Qualifiers

Midlands Region Qualifiers


Rules & How To Enter

– Simply enter any of our cosplay masquerades at any of our events as you normally would to take part! You can do that on the day of the event or (we recommend) beforehand online via this form HERE.
– All rules are standard rules which we normally run. Please read HERE. Skits are not mandatory in the qualifiers, but do help toward your performance points when judging.
– The UK finals take place at London Anime & Gaming Con on Sunday 18th February 2018. You will need to have qualified beforehand at a registered convention or event to take place.
– The rules for the finals are slightly different but similar. Read the FAQ for the differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How do I apply?
A – Signup as normal for any of our masquerades and come 1st, 2nd or 3rd! Alternatively win best costume at one of our registered meets or minicons!

Q – Rules for qualifying..?
A – Are the same as our standard cosplay masquerade rules (found HERE). We want to keep this as simple and non-scary as possible!

Q – Rules for the finals..?
A – If you’re lucky enough to qualify for the finals, we ask for a slightly higher standard. Your costume MUST be 80% handmade. If you expect to win or place in the top five then you MUST have a skit prepared of at least 30 seconds to 4 minutes in length (even if this is essentially a set of unorthodox poses). Additionally, you must submit your application at least one week beforehand (you’ll be emailed with how to do this), and you must provide a reference picture or description of your character for the judges. Finally you must turn up beforehand for pre-judging by our team at 2.15pm – you will be guaranteed 60 seconds of pre-judging time each (more if we can fit it in).


Q – I am not qualified, but I intend to enter one of the open cosplay masquerades at London Anime & Gaming Con in Feburary 2019. If I win do I qualify for the finals still?
A – Yes. In this case we will allow you to enter – the one week submission beforehand rule will be waived.

Q – Do I need to have a skit?
A – No, but it’ll make it more likely you’ll qualify (As per standard rules). Note that finalists are expected to have a skit and specific music planned and while we will not insist on it, it will likely mean you will not win.

Q – Do I have to make a new costume to enter?
A – As per usual rules, we allow pre-existing costumes.

Q – Can we enter as a group?
A – Yes, though please note you’ll split any winnings and be considered joint winners.

Q – In the finals can I do a rehearsal on stage?
A – Yes, rehearsal time will be between 9.30am and 10.30am Sunday morning. Rehearsal is optional.

Q – Can we control lighting?
A – Yes, but please state in your application form beforehand what you need and our team will do the best to accommodate. As a minimum we can allow lights to be dimmed or brightened on request.

Q – Are we allowed stage props and can we request assistance?
A – Yes and yes our crew can assist with putting up and removing props. Please do not put up anything that requires more than 60 seconds to place and remove total.

Q – I qualified as an individual, can I enter with others as a group instead for the finals?
A – Yes, we’ll allow it provided at least one of you originally qualified and provided it’s a group of no more than two people. Additionally if you qualified as a group, we’ll allow you to enter separately if you wish provided again it was originally no larger than two people. Larger groups may not split up.

Q – I Qualified, do I get free entry…?
A – Yes, you and a +1 get free entry. You will not be given a ticket, your name will be on a name list – simply turn up with a proof of ID and your +1 alongside you to be issued with your weekend wristbands for both days.

Q – I’m a convention/event/company and I want to run a qualifier..
A – Email info@animeleague.com and we’ll chat. In some cases we may even run it for you, though that’ll depend on our availability.


Main Press-Release to Put up on Websites – Download HERE.
Event Press-Kit (Photos, Artwork, PR)- Download HERE.. You can also download higher res event photos HERE

Exclusive Content such as interviews we can make available on request to pr@animeleague.com

Applying for a Press/Photography Pass

Do you write for a website or publication? Please apply for a press pass via this form here. Email us on pr@animeleague.com if you have any questions.

1. Free Entry
2. VIP access to guests and performers on the day (subject to their availability)
3. Interview access to the organisers before and after the event
4. We want to engage and work with you! If you want to do something with us that might benefit us both then please have a chat. For example, we helped organise a massive Harlem Shake video at London Anime Con with QueensOfWin which you can view here.

1. Your website, publication or blog must have a substantial following or readership associated with it. If it doesn’t, we may still be able to provide you with a press-pass, but you would need to pay for it as if you were a standard attendee.
2. You agree to promote the event beforehand and afterward on your website and social media (ie: twitter, facebook etc, please state the dates and website link to the event in all promotion). Please download a copy of the press-kit here.
3. You agree to adhere to the terms and conditions of being a member of press at the event as laid out here.

Apply now to us at pr@animeleague.com with the name of your publication/blog/website and any requests.


– Are you interested in signing up to Crew for one of the events we’re holding the qualifiers at? To Signup to Crew for the event, please fill in this form HERE. If you have any questions then email crew@animeleague.com

Why Join Our Team?

The Animeleague crew are the people that help to make this convention a reality and to make it enjoyable for all our members. If you’re interesting in volunteering to help out, please read this page and then volunteer using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Why Crew? Well, you get free entry and one free-meal a day. And of course you get the satisifaction of having helped the convention out. We’re always happy to provide references to people who work for us, so it’s something extra which you can add to your CV afterward. Crewing is also a very easy way to get to know other members of the con, and there is usually a lot of camaraderie between fellow crew members over the course of the event!

What Kind of Work is it? Usually a crew member will help to manage queues, serve attendees, act as a runner to move equipment/items around and so forth. When you join crew, you are placed on to a team. Each team has a team-leader who you will report in to and who will look after you over the event. Each shift you are given is usually four hours long. At times crewing is far from easy, and it can be a lot of hard work but it is usually a very rewarding experience.

How many hours does a full-crew member do? Each full-crew member does 7 hours a day working. This entitles them to free entry in addition to free meal each day.

How many hours does a part-time crew member do? Some teams will allow for part-time crew. These are crew who work for only 1 day. Part-Time Crew will get a meal and free entry on the days which they are working.

What Teams are there? Video Gaming, Registrations, Operations, Stage or specialist (ask).

I’ve already paid my entry, can I get it back if I crew? Provided you do the shifts which are allocated to you, then you will receive the entry money back on the Sunday.

– To Signup to Crew for the event, please fill in this form HERE. If you have any questions then email crew@animeleague.com


General Enquiries - info@animeleague.com
Registrations & Ticket Help - registrations@animeleague.com
Trader, Dealer & Artist Enquiries - ops@animeleague.com
Press & Photography - pr@animeleague.com
Stage Events & Cosplay Questions - events@animeleague.com
Crew & Volunteer Information - crew@animeleague.com